Friday, November 15, 2013

The case of the lumpy soap batter.

I was never a big fan of jasmine. The flowers are pretty but for some reason the scent always made me feel nauseated, even more so if i'm hungry. However i put my personal feelings aside and experimented with jasmine fragrance oil for one of my newest soaps. On any given day working with floral scents in cold process soap can be difficult. While this scent didn't misbehave beyond repair, it was certainly unruly. I was soaping above room temp. Knowing how floral scents tend to behave i had my soap batter (colored with titanium dioxide) ready to be scented. As soon as i added the fragrance, small lumps formed in my batter; the type of lumps you see when mixing cake mix from a box. I stick blended a little and also used my spatula to annihilate the lumps. I was able to whip most of them into submission however a few still remained. I have heard of ricing, but don't recall ever experiencing it. The fragrance oil seemed to cause some ricing, and the batter did get a bit thick, however it was still manageable. I have since cut the soap and the tiny lumps were made of oil. Overall, the soap fared better than i hoped. I will have to read more about ricing soon. Jasmine is a nice floral scent in CP soap so i hope to work with it again.

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